Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a cosmetic surgery that can be performed to improve your face. But, is rhinoplasty a major surgery? Some patients do not want to go under the knife. But, this surgery can make you look better. It is an excellent surgery to make you look your best and improve the quality of your life.

A rhinoplasty is indeed a major surgery. But, a safe one too. You will most likely be given general anesthesia during the procedure.

The duration of the procedure will be around 3 to 4 hours with some procedures lasting more. Recovery from rhinoplasty is normally fast but it may take a couple of days for you to fully recover.

Rhinoplasty involves making changes to the way your nose looks. Sometimes, it may involve adding or subtracting a whole lobe. But, you must always consult a specialist before you begin any kind of treatment. Even if your plastic surgeon says he or she will do the procedure, you should be sure to ask questions.

There are many minor surgeries you can get done to correct some problems in your appearance. If you are still not convinced, ask your doctor for further information. For questions about rhinoplasty contact Dr Michael Fozo from Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery located in Macomb Michigan.

Some people who suffer from facial asymmetries choose to have rhinoplasty. Although it does not necessarily make one look like a Barbie doll, it does give the patient a much more proportionate look.

If you are one of those who have this problem, one day you may wake up with a whole new set of eyes looking at you. So, it may be worth it.

Rhinoplasty is certainly a major surgery and not something that one would choose for a minor cosmetic issue. If you are considering a rhinoplasty, make sure to ask your surgeon whether the procedure is covered by your health insurance. For questions about rhinoplasty contact Dr Michael Fozo from Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery located in Macomb Michigan.

Most insurance policies will not cover the entire procedure, but they will pay a portion. It may be the cost or the pain and other factors. But, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Rhinoplasty is a great choice if your nose looks out of line or if it is too small. If you cannot stand having to bend down for glasses or your hat, then this procedure is for you. You will no longer have to bend down and pull them on over your eyes.

Rhinoplasty surgery is also a good option if your teeth have grown crooked and unkempt. It can fix it. A complete new set of teeth will make you look more attractive. For questions about rhinoplasty contact Dr Michael Fozo from Lakeshore Facial Plastic Surgery located in Macomb Michigan.

You may have become overweight because you do not eat properly. This may be another reason for the weight gain.

There are many reasons why a rhinoplasty may be the solution to your problem. You may even want to consider this solution if your ears are droopy.

Another good reason why one may choose to have this procedure is if you have been smoking too much. The excessive smoking can cause the cartilage to break down and the cartilage could be causing blockage of the airways. By having your nose fixed, you will have less obstruction and less chance of having a cold.

You may also have a problem with your eyesight. The eyelid skin may have become too thin. Having your eyelid re-weighed can correct this.

Another reason you may choose a rhinoplasty is if your face has a serious deformity. If you have an abnormally large chin or a crooked jaw line, you may want to consider getting a rhinoplasty. You may also have a problem with sagging skin.

You may be thinking how can a simple procedure such as this be such a big deal? Rhinoplasty surgery is a major surgical procedure. You may be asking, how much does it cost.

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