Local SEO may seem like a foreign concept until you get a handle on the concepts involved. One place where you will need to get a grip is Google Places. Google Places is the default search engine placement for results that include a place and a place name. The place name shows the place name & URL and the place address as the street address & URL in Google search results. So if your business is listed on Google Maps, Google Places, and Google Maps will have a significant impact on the way that people find your business.

Local SEO is a way to drive traffic to your Google Places page by optimizing the page for Google Places.

What Are Google Places?

Google Places is a list of URLs that results provide when you search for places in your area. People generally use the URL for the results as the place name, but for local SEO purposes, Google Maps makes it easy to include an exact URL so that people can visit your business on the map, or even Google Maps puts a link to your business on the map and Google Places.

Is a Google Places page created automatically for you?

No. Google places have to be created. For example, some areas are part of a community and therefore require a business name and address. Others are business listings that can be used on the map by clicking the “more” button for business details.

Where Do You Start?

Start with the local listings so that you can optimize the listing for people that are close to your location. People often search for places near to their actual location. You can optimize your Google Places page for areas near your site so that people are aware of your business when they perform a search on Google Maps. Once your page has been created, you can do other local SEO tasks like posting reviews and comments.

Where To Add A Google Places Page To
There are many free places to add your Google Places business. If you don’t want to pay, create a free Google Places page on Google Directory. You can also create a free Google Places page in Google Places but be sure to submit the business name, business category, and phone number. You can create your own Google Places page with a free domain name by entering the Google Places and business name in the text box and clicking the “Create Business” button. Many online directories and search engines will allow you to add your business to their listings. This will make it easier for Google Maps to know about your business when it is displayed on a Google Map.

There are many other methods of creating a Google Places page, but it is usually a good idea to create a free Google Places page on the Google directory. There are also other freeways of creating a Google Places page, but I would advise making a free Google Places page on the Google Directory as it will allow you to target your audience better. Your page will also be more relevant as your business will be displayed on the Google Places map. Finally, a Google Places page will also be easier to track as your business will be listed within the search engine. These are just some of the techniques you can use to optimize your Google Places business. These techniques will improve your search engine rankings and allow you to reach your audience better.